GOOD LUCK TO OUR SKATERS COMPETING AT THE super series #1 – skokie skate!

Juvenile Men

Phelix Tang

Juvenile Women

Andra Serban
Annie Zhang

Pre-Juvenile Men

Jincheng Luo

Pre-Juvenile Women

Carol Lock
Crystal Wen
Kirsten Ching
Chloe Krist
Maggie Li
Angela Cao
Valerie Osipau
Isabelle He

STAR 10 Women

Tiffany Yeun

STAR 9 Women

Tiffany Yeun
Andra Serban

STAR 8 Men

Jordan Cheng

STAR 8 Women

Luna Butti

STAR 5 Women

Lillian Hou
Olivia Li
Ayden Godfrey
Sophia Zhang
Jinxiu Luo
Leina Liu

STAR 5 Artistic Women

Alanta Lunyova

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