Ticket Ice 2018-2019

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 7:00-10:00 am & 12:00-3:50 pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 7:00-9:00 am & 12:00-3:50 pm


TFSC Member Cost: $12 per 60 mins or less
Non-TFSC Member Cost: $15 per 60 mins or less
**as of October 1**



Ticket Ice is now available to purchase online by clicking HERE.
Sessions may be purchased up to 14 days in advance. Please note all ticket ice sales are final.


Ticket Ice Etiquette:

All ticket ice users (coaches and skaters) must be currently registered with Skate Canada.

Any TFSC coach or TFSC executive member is permitted to request proof of payment, proof of registration with Skate Canada and/or proof of coaching membership with Skate Canada.

Only Skate Canada Certified coaches are to be teaching skaters. Parents are prohibited from coaching from rink-side or bleachers.

If skaters or parents have complaints regarding ticket ice, they are to direct it to the board of directors via email: thornhillfsc@gmail.com

Skater’s whose music is playing have right of way. Skaters are allowed a maximum of 2 run-throughs per session to make ice usage fair.

Absolutely no kicking of the boards or the ice, excessive yelling or swearing will be tolerated.

Coaches are not permitted to teach in the middle of the ice if the session is very busy.

Skaters are to practice spins in the middle of the ice.

CanSkaters or STAR 1 skaters must be taught by the boards and in a lesson with a coach.

The goal is to create a positive and hardworking training environment for athletes. Respect to all coaches and skaters is demanded.

Failure to adhere to Ticket Ice Etiquette by parents or skaters will result in a loss of ticket ice usage privileges.