AGM 2023


Sun Sept 24th, 2023 @ 1:00-2:00 PM (Virtual)

Attendance begins 12:30 PM

All members of the Thornhill Figure Skating Club are invited to attend the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

The meeting will serve to present the budget, elect members to the Board of Directors and give a summary of the 2022/2023 season as well as the plans for the 2023/2024 season ahead.

It is important that we have a minimum of 34 participants otherwise we cannot host the meeting. 

We encourage all members to attend the meeting or PLEASE fill out the PROXY FORM and drop it off at the Office or hand it to one of the Office administrators or Board Members. 

Pre-Registration Requirements

As our meeting will be online virtual, we require that you simply register online or fill in the proxy form

To Register for the 2023 AGM use the link below


Voting Procedure

The Thornhill Figure Skating Club will be using paper ballots for this year’s election. Members must be present at the meeting to receive their ballot or must have empowered another member to vote on their behalf.

Results of the vote will be emailed out to all TFSC members, regardless of if they have attended or not.


Vote by Proxy Procedure

TFSC members who are unable to attend the AGM will still be able to cast their vote by proxy. To cast your vote by proxy, please fill out a “Voting by Proxy Form” and submit your voting by Proxy Form to the office no later than Fri Sept 22nd at 11 PM. Emailed forms by the deadline are acceptable. No late forms will be accepted. No exceptions.

As per Thornhill Figure Skating Club’s by-laws, each member is allowed a maximum of 5 total votes, including proxies. TFSC members who are appointed to vote by proxy on behalf of another TFSC member will receive an additional ballot. For example, if Skater A empowers Skater B to vote on their behalf, Skater B will receive 2 ballots (1 for themselves and 1 to vote on Skater A’s behalf).


Board of Director Nominations Procedure

TFSC members may nominate another TFSC member or themselves to run to join the Board of Directors for the 2023/2024 season. Please fill out a “Board of Directors Nomination Form” and submit it to the TFSC office no later than Fri Sept 22nd at 11 PM. Emailed forms by the deadline are acceptable. Late nominations will not be accepted.



Please ensure we have a valid email address as this is how Thornhill Figure Skating Club will be communicating any updates. It is not the responsibility of Thornhill Figure Skating Club to check if email addresses are correct.




Thank you for your continued support of the Thornhill Figure Skating Club!

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